Monday, April 30, 2012

Time: Chandler Kim

"Tomorrow's life is too late. Live today."-Martial

Time is something intangible that is constantly slipping away from us. Whether it be school, work, or just simply life itself, I always find myself wishing time would just slow down for a split second to let me catch up. But since that won't happen, I think it is important for us to do things with the short amount of time we have that strengthen us as beings and make our passion for life grow with us. This composite of images symbolizes the meditation that we can find in our everyday routines. For me, snowboarding is my solace, the thing that makes me feel most alive. Due to the deadlines of real life, I wasn't able to do as much snowboarding this year as I would have liked, so I decided to make a composite of the peace and serenity that being on a chairlift, anticipating the next run brings me. It is important that we do not forget the good times in the middle of the stressful ones. Even if you are overloaded with things to do, make time to enjoy the beauty of life and live today.

©Chandler Kim Photography 2012


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  1. Chandler,

    You too have an awesome concept behind your post and image. I think your image is put together well, it almost becomes abstact. I don't know how I feel about the first portion of text "Tomorrow's life is too late". maybe it is just because of where it is, or the words themselves? It takes me out of your image right in the middle of the experience and puts a negative thought into my mind. I think I would personally connect to the feeling and tone of the image and post with just the one portion of text in the bottom about live today. Also, I don't think you need a © in the image and at the end of the post, one or the other. For this image I believe it would be best to just keep it as the © below the post because in the image I try too hard to read it and expect it to be another meaningful portion of text which it doesn't end up being and when I realize it, it kind of brings my experience with your image to a closing point almost instead of allowing me to just stay lost in it.

    Great image and concept.