Monday, April 30, 2012

Time: Justin Stapp

While lots of people say photography is about light, I say there is also another power at play: Time.  Photographic images wouldn't exist without light, but in the same aspect could you say the same about an image's existence in respect to time? I guess it is one of those chicken or the egg moments. The more I think about it though I know time has a huge influence on whatever photograph one may look at. Time within the artist's life, the time it took to make the image, the timing of the moment the image was taken. Anyway you look at it, time had an influence. Photographers have always studied light. What about the study of time, like the image I have made, a construct of time if you will. I tried to compress my bike commute time into one single frame.  If you are intrigued you might enjoy taking a look at Michael Wesely's work and study of time where he takes exposures years at a time.

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