Friday, October 19, 2012

The Element of Revenge- Michelle McClelland Post

Here you will see an image of one of the first marshmallow camp outs that practice human shish kabobing and roasting heads over an open camp fire; now a  family favorite in many marshmallow homes. No kid can resist the sweet and salty taste as well as the crunchy texture.           

Their once was a peaceful kingdom in a faraway land. But one day greedy, hungry men came from outside of the kingdom and devoured the peaceful villages and everything within them. Saddened to find out their beloved king was thrown into a large cup of hot milk and chocolate, the marshmallow people ran in fear of being eaten, and became lost with out their beloved king! Soon their hearts filled with anger, hurt, and confusion they found themselves pondering the elements of revenge. They no longer stood in fear but rallied up and hunted each and every man that took part in destroying their peaceful land and robbing them of their families.

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