Monday, October 22, 2012

Ashley Ecklund: Vision

What always interests me about photography is the differences in how we see as humans, and how the camera sees. Our eyes have a brain that help them interpret what information they pick up. We also have a high dynamic range, meaning we can see detail in a higher contrast of hilight and shadow. The camera is limited, it only has so much dynamic range and so much depth of field. However, sometimes these limitations are beautiful. They offer opportunities for special visual experiences that wouldn't be possible with our incredible human eye. This image is of the same subject, but the depth of field, framing, and focus are different. I love how some simple camera adjustments can make a completely different look and feel of the same subject.

(Check out this ADORABLE victorian themed little bistro in Capitol Hill where this was taken: Fleur Bistro. They have great options for brunch. I had the Veggie benedict and it was fabulous at a good price too!)

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