Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elements- Michelle McClelland

Slipping away moment by moment, sweet giggles and pleasant sounds of polite people that passed on the street. Music once played here, and first kisses once exchanged - but time riddled those memories as it did the very land they stood upon...history they all would say. I don't remember time ever passing as fast as it does now, and the sheer panic of this realization that it only progresses faster as you age!  My struggle to control this uncontrollable force led me here to capture the love of a still frame, that precise moment when light and time collide to make an absolute replication of a memory that will stay long after my mind and body had betrayed me. It is in the element of time that history is built, happiness and life is created, as well as death and sorrow. The greatest equalizer of all things – time.

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