Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sarah Eslinger: Elements

As a student in school, I was never very good in science. I could never quite grasp the concept of "science" and how things worked. Well, even though I wasn't good at it, it still interested me. When shooting this concept of "elements" I was staring off into space for ideas. *because that always works right?

I happened to look up and see a row of light bulbs. They were as clear as fishbowls and I could see exactly where the light was coming from. Electricity pumps into the light bulbs, sparking a fire, giving us light. So I decided "Hey, why not shoot that." The lights are something most people wouldn't think twice about because we've all grown so accustom to having them. In reality, not many of us could explain exactly how they work. In the end, these are basic elements of life that rule us. It's interesting to think about...

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