Monday, July 23, 2012

Decay: Valerie Morris

When hearing the word decay, most pictures are disgusting images. You wouldn’t think that anything beautiful could come from this word, but in some cases, you could be proven wrong.

I found inspiration to photograph urban decaying buildings from an article called 100 Captivating Examples of Urban Decay Photography. This article showed me some abandoned buildings or unkempt alley has beauty to be found.

 For example, my photograph above is a building that has been abandoned. As of today, the white plaster of the building is tumbling off on to the cement. Revealing red bricks, which may have never been known if it were kept up to perfect condition.

Also to the right of the foreground, there is an image that appears to be a broken human hand. To me, the hand represents the role people have contributed to the carelessness we have shown this world we live in.

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