Monday, July 23, 2012

Decay: Mike Bogner

     It isn't uncommon to see a bicycle, locked to a bike rack or pole with no wheels or totally rusted over like it has been abandoned. Who's bike is this? If no one claims this decaying heap of metal, can I? Many questions can be asked with little instantaneous answers.

     In researching on bike theft, not in attempts to become a bike thief but to better understand and prevent, I came across some videos made by Casey Neistat and his brother. I enjoy many of his videos, but this one, The Ethics of Stealing Bikes left me still a bit unclear. Why was that one ok to steal? It was still locked with two locks. How is one to really know if it is abandoned or not. I guess one could leave a note to ask or watch the bike. But that leads to more questions as to how long? 

     The point I'm getting at is that any bike is someones bike, whether it is mine or not. By just saying it is "no bodies bike" doesn't justify it. To me a locked up bike means it is someones, whether or not how much of the bike is still connected to it.

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