Monday, July 23, 2012

Decay: Scott Kotelnicki

Decay is not always the sign of death but often the beginning of life.

In response to the classes comment about adding a grape to the bottom right to balance the color of the scene. Here it is.  I had shot several that way during my shoot and have added this version now.  I did like this look better except the shots have a strong light on the grapes and drew your eye towards the unfocused grape on top. The version you see now I used some post production to burn the grapes out. This dropped the contrast of that area and brings your eye back to the focal point of the raisin. Thank you for your crit!

Staying with the beauty of nature I shot this still life on my dining room table. Shooting with a the window blind open I had only residual light.  I waited patently for one beam of light to cross my scene. This was one of the first shots before the sunbeam crosses my set. When the beam finally did cross I didn't like the harsh contrast it left on the back of the raisins. Even with my reflector I was unable to fill in the area.  Here the lack of a harsh light lowered the contrast and gives an even light across the seen. The reflector I used was gold to bring a warmer glow.  Below is a snap shot of set-up. You can see the small sun beam on the chair driving its way towards my set-up.


  1. Love this simple shot (idea) and the behind the scenes extra. Suggestion: maybe add a grape to the lower right corner just to create that "triangle" that you'd hear Tom Moore saying. Excellent depth of field. Also, I would have gone with raisins without sugar and sprayed them with a little bit of water.

  2. Thank you Matthew, Hope you like my added version.

  3. Hey Scott, I like the photo that you added on with the original. This new compositon is stronger and keeps the eye moving throughout the image. Good job.