Monday, July 23, 2012

Decay: Brandon Chapin

The simplicity of decay spreads from large to small.  This little weathered fire hydrant is a link to more decay then it looks.  Think about the fact that when a fire rages through a forest or a house burns down they are decaying in a way.  The fire truck that would drive to the scene is also slowly decaying, the engine is wearing and the tires are balding.  Then, that truck will come to this little decaying hydrant to use its water to put out the fire that is raging.  Everything and everyone around us is slowly decaying and will eventually die or crumble.  The trick is to find the beauty in these things and extracting it. © Brandon Chapin Photography.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Brandon, your composition is very clean and compelling,and lighting is soft and creates pleasing shadows which add to the compostion. As I said in class, your concept is a bit confusing, as is your writing. I think your post will be very nice with a little editing of the text.