Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Decay: Andrew Wyman

     Civic Center Park, across the street from the Colorado State Capital in Denver, once hosted such prestigious events as the Democratic National Convention. More recently it was the site of the Occupy Denver movement (https://www.facebook.com/occupydenver). In the beginning of this movement there were people there that truly believed in what they were doing. Although, as time passed less and less of the true believers “occupied” this location.
     Now, on any given day, Civic Center Park is home to many of Capital Hill’s drug dealers and homeless. What these people leave behind is all one can see in the park at night.  While many in this nation still support and believe in the 99%, this trail of trash shows me the decay of a movement and of a society.

1 comment:

  1. I see where you are going with this concept. However I think the bright light and green grass seem to be contradictory to the idea. Perhaps a close up of the trash or the use of a filter or conversion to black and white might have helped. It might have also been interesting to see some factual data about the impact from the "occupied."

    On another note, great composition and leading lines as well as a quality image (i.e., low noise).