Monday, July 16, 2012

Abstract: Mike Bogner

    The world is a complex, abstract, chaotic and mysterious wonder. Where we end up and how we get there can be total stroke of luck or a test of ones strength and patience. The fixed gear bike is a simple machine powered by my legs, lungs and mind. As I ride, I escape into a simple, carefree world, just as it was when I was a child. The hills can be daunting and seem almost impossible to conquer but as I pedal, my inertia continues to carry me forward. The feeling in my legs from the climb is uncomfortable yet, temporary. The tightness in my muscles and joints ease up and this task of pedaling no longer seems like a burden. It drives me further and faster, ever getting stronger. I begin drift into a state of meditation. The abstract problems of my current world no longer seem so complex. I am able to see more clear. I come to a stop atop a hill overlooking the city and take in the beauty. Almost two hours have passed and I have covered over 30 miles. Time to go to work. The day seems less difficult.


  1. I think the content is strong and matches the image. In fact, I think the content makes me think more about the image and pulls me in making it relatable. As for the image (as I stated in person), I think the graphic in the wheel between the spokes is distracting. Maybe because of the highest point of contrast or maybe because it's just a graphic or maybe because I'm not a cyclist I just didn't know what it was. Anyway, keep pushing I think you could end up with some interesting art.

  2. I enjoy finding a way to come closer and closer to an object...the familiar becomes an abstraction, and in alot of cases, you begin to notice things you never realized were there.