Monday, July 16, 2012

Abstract: Matthew Moore

Like A Banana To A Flame   © 2012 Matthew Moore

Into The Light—Banana Heaven Awaits   © 2012 Matthew Moore

What would your life be like if you were a piece of fruit? Would you have friends, a job, offspring? What challenges would you have? Would you have enemies, predators or prey?

In the above images, I played with light and focus to express what a banana might experience at its end-of-life. I wanted to portray a top-down background light in an ominous way as to suggest "going into the light" and a soft out-of-focus essence to create a dream-like state. Luckily in post-production, I was able to create two different stories with the same shot. One where the banana was looking to the light much like a moth does to a flame just before perishing and the other as if the banana's spirit was moving towards the "heavenly light" on its final breath.


  1. Hi Matthew,
    I found your concept for the assignment to quite interesting and amusing. Your writing was easy to follow and entertaining. Thanks for a great post.
    -Thanks, Andrew Pusbach

  2. Your lighting, your concept, and even your stories are well thought out, but I still find myself wanting one part of the image to be in focus.