Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Abstract: Scott Kotelnicki

Abstract is a lack of a definite or an undefined structure.  It is a view beyond the natural eye of observation.  When abstract is first seen its shapes and colors define it.  Only if these capture the eyes will the viewer begin to look deeper and search for meaning in the art.

Using a 60mm macro lens I got in close to a wooden puzzle that was light with the morning sun.  My first shots concentrated on the shadows that were form on the table. but in the end beauty is still most important in my work.


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  2. Hey Scott,
    I think the image that you posted is beautifully lit, I also found the shallow depth of field created a nice effect. Good work.
    -Andrew Pusbach

  3. The layers are great, and the depth of field works well, but definitions may not be the best way to describe this post.

  4. This is definitely an abstract point of view! This image takes me back to my childhood as I built many of these models. I really like the lighting and shallow depth of field in this shot. Well done Scott!