Thursday, July 19, 2012

Decay: Angus Hooper III

The word decay to me, brings to mind a number of disgusting and sickening images.  As a child, it was always pounded into us, this battle against tooth decay.  Crest, Aim, Arm and Hammer, and the rest of the major tooth paste brands all were formulated to "fight tooth decay".  As a child I dutifully brushed my teeth every night before bed (with some reminders from Mom).  As an adult, I became lazy.  I found myself without a normal bedtime, found myself with bad habits (smoking, too much sugar and soda), and found myself not so dutiful of my nightly teeth brushings.  This image, printed and on the wall near my bed, might be the perfect reminder to get back to my regular brushing, and to properly take care of these teeth of mine.  (At least its a theory).,,,

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  1. beautifully gross. hahaha.but it is true. when we discussed topic ideas, tooth decay was something that had popped in my head.