Monday, April 16, 2012

Mirrors: Kathryn Bronn

Have you ever watched a girl, young or old, walk past a mirror, stop, back up, admire her reflection, fix her hair, and then move on?  Vanity is something that is wired in us females.  In the same way that no one needs to teach little boys that any and every object (from their Legos to their graham crackers) can be used as a weapon, no one needs to tell girls that their reflection is worth stopping for.  In my childhood home, we had a full-length mirror at the foot of the stairway.  On many occasions, I was known to stumble and fall down the stairs because I was trying to walk and look at myself simultaneously.  I was completely unable to walk by that mirror without stopping to admire the view, a subject which my family teases me about to this day.  
This habit should not be blamed as a result of cultural wrongs or something amiss in our society.  On the contrary, I find it rather humorous to watch, both in the young and the grown females.  It’s in our DNA; girls are enamored by their own reflection.  

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  1. I like the story. Have you ever watched a guy, walk past a mirror, back up, flex like they are Mr. Olympia, check his biceps, and then move on? On the photo itself I can't decide whether I like that the mirror and your hand are sharp or if it would be better if the reflection were sharp. I kind of want both. Even though the reflection is not sharp, it is the first place I go, expecting to resolve it, then to the sharp area, then to the background which is obviously not sharp. Like layers. What could be better is a depiction of your story, a girl coming down the stairs looking into a mirror, or laying at the bottom of the stairs as if she had fallen?