Monday, April 16, 2012

Heather Zindars: Old School

The Lake of the Woods Covered Bridge was constructed in 1965 to connect the two sides of Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve in Mahomet, Illinois.  Designed by German Gurfinkel, a Civil Engineering instructor at the University of Illinois, the bridge was a replica of the Pepperel Bridge near Boston. The work took 18 months to complete and cost $55,000; the covered bridge is a relic of the past.   This particular one not built until the mid-1960's, yet is a monument to the memories of another time when people had to construct these to get over valleys and water.  A huge undertaking for those that built it, they likely never considered the valuable landmark it would serve as today.

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  1. I guess I could analyze this to death since it is closer to what I shoot but obviously it is a beautiful place, great light and shadow of the trees on the green grass. My eyes go to the very cool red covered bridge. Is this one of the Madison county bridges? Something cool is if a horse drawn carriage were coming out of it but I guess the Amish aren't around when you need them. I really like the information in the post but it is very difficult to read being so small and gray.