Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Regret-Michelle McClelland

            The darkest of moments lead you into mouth of regret, gruesome with all the horrific nature that brought you to that lonesome place.  Everything you had consumed by the lustful nature of just one more hit!  

            A deep inhale and then a moment of calm before the heart races and for that fragmented part of time everything was going to be okay, all the worries manifested into a quickly dissipating mist.

            Quickly springing to your feet........feeling invincible, ten feet tall as it were, the streets were the playground with no limits of time or  rules that could contain us; but a game of roulette perused with each and every line, it was a chance of life or death and that was often forgotten.

            Once something to be proud of, but somehow it all slipped away.  Friends would die, jobs would be lost, addictions became the priorities and darkness quickly overcame any light. The bottom had finally hit, completely alone, broke and desperate!


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