Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anna Keiser: Regret

Xavier G., 2012

Now, don’t get ahead of me now. ‘Tis the season to be regretful…for some people. I try my best to live by phrase to never regret anything. However, there is a distinctive time where I do remember feeling regretful. Like I said before, don’t get ahead of me now.
It was in July 2011 and I had just found out I was pregnant. It was pre-telling my parents, and things were swirling over my head. I was not regretful of getting pregnant, but instead I was so ashamed of myself for bringing something so incredible into the nasty world that it is.  Freaking out because I was a student that had to work, barely having any time in the first place. Feeling selfish because now I knew I would have to rely more on my parents, and only God knows how they are going to take the news.
I told my parents the day they got back from their summer vacation that I was pregnant. They were supportive right from the bat. That quickly helped my attitude (but I did have hormones against me).
Fast forward to now, my baby has become a miracle in my life. Having a baby teaches you all the things you never knew about life. Experiencing something you produced from your body, learning how to use their hands, standing for the very first time, walking along the walls leading to many other wonderful things that you never even realized that you did one time in your life.
So whenever I’m feeling down, its easy for me to look at my son and say “I have no regrets” because there is always something beautiful in the experiences we have.

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