Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Regret: Christi Bode

Oil painting, Self Portrait, 2005
I regret the small stuff.  This may or may not be a manifestation of some of my obsessive traits.

Crusty stale bagels for breakfast
Wearing high heels while lugging 30 pounds of lighting equipment
Pairing two different white socks together with varied ribbing and knowing that it’s there all day long

Listening to Metallica in rush hour traffic
Listening to Katy Perry in rush hour traffic
Walking into a bathroom stall with no toilet paper
Leaving my Tide To-Go pen in the car when I dribble a 1mm dot of coffee on my shirt

We all come from different backgrounds, environments and experiences that make us who we are today.  I’ve faced my own demons and have my own unique set of battle scars that not many can understand.  I own my decisions and recognize several were made from a different state of mind.  The one thing I regret?  Neglecting my art for so long. I am now alive.

*harp strings and chirping birds*

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