Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Regret: Kevin Reeve

For a select few photography geeks, historical processes have nearly been lost to time.
It would be regretful to let these processes die.  
There are a crazy few who brave the toxic chemicals to keep hand-made photography alive.
Cam Parsons: Tintypist or Heisenberg?

Coating the plate with collodion!

Not a scene from Breaking Bad. It's photography!

I had the good fortune to capture on video the zany antics of two such photographers. Cam Parsons and Charlie Carmen, Denver photographers, created a DIY wet-plate collodion studio. These are video "stills" from my upcoming short film "Collodion" which will be released shortly on my website kevinreeve.com.  Stay tuned for updates, don't regret not watching!

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