Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vison: Cara Eglinton

As I wondered through the park reminiscing on all the wonderful days I had with my father, I saw a man with a familiar face. He was an elderly man who frequented the park often.
As I was walking past him we said hello to each other and I couldn't help but mention that I see him often at this park. The man introduced himself, his name is William, he used to take walks everyday with his wife through this park until last year when she passed away. He then began to explain to me the details of the last walk they took.
He told me how they sat on this bench and enjoyed the cool fall air, and how he looked at her and told her that she was more beautiful than that fall day. Her name was JoAnn, she was 76, and they had been married for 53 wonderful years when she had passed away that evening on October 22, 2011. He then told me how he walks through the park everyday and stops just for a moment to stare at the bench where she sat for the last time, and in his mind how he could see her sitting there just as beautiful as she was that day.
I thanked William from sharing his story with me, and took this picture of the bench on the other side of the bridge where he goes everyday to remember his wife.

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