Monday, October 22, 2012

Vision: Christi Bode

Amtrak Station, Glenwood Springs, CO

There is something to be said about stepping into a different environment and seeing the world with a fresh set of eyes.  I am more observant and begin to notice the details of my surroundings; everything around me is compelling content for a new visual essay.

I embarked on a 2 day, 22 hour roundtrip train ride from Denver to Helper, Utah this weekend.  Travel by train takes a backseat to other modes of transportation in America, but it truly is a hidden gem.  My curiosity brought me on board the California Zephyr, a daily route that weaves from Chicago to San Francisco.  Every seat felt like first class; nothing compares to watching the landscape transform from the window of a train.

I made some new friends, too! I heard many stories and learned some lessons, including: why Canada is the best country ever, how being 85 years old is the new 30, and Helper, Utah is a place out of "The Hills That Have Eyes".  Follow more of my journey on my blog.

-- Conductor Christi


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