Monday, October 11, 2010

The one with: The Mysteries Woman. (MacKenzie B.)

     Every human being wears a mask of some kind to protect themselves. From love, hatred, happiness, sadness, or just what they truly want but can never seem to grasp.
    I wanted to make a visual representation of what we all hide behind. I saw this mask hiding in the corner of the shop, it was barley visible. The red immediately caught my eye.And I knew that it would make my shot. But it made me wonder why did this one color make me think of love, hate, happiness, and sadness?

MacKenzie B



  1. Your web site doesn't work and or you typed it wrong. What you have on your photo doesn't work.

  2. Ohh Thank you I'll correct that its

  3. The mask is a haunting. I get a little distracted by the styling. ie; the hair tie, wrist band. I like the concept of us all wearing masks.