Monday, October 11, 2010

Red: Candice Swanson

While driving down a dirt road I spotted this red stagecoach just sitting there waiting to have it's picture taken. The rain clouds had stopped pouring long enough for me to take this picture. I love taking pictures of old buildings and about any thing that is old and interesting so this stagecoach was just up my ally.


  1. I really like this image. Finding scenes like this are not my strong point. It is amazing that a stage coach like this this is just randomly placed. Oh, wait! We live in Colorado.

  2. I really like this image, the crop and the back ground look so realistic of the time that it would originally be in. I might pump up the red just a bit so it pops more against the background.

  3. I like that the stage coach really stands out from the back ground. It gives the photo a point of interest and helps set the mood, it takes you back in time!