Monday, November 8, 2010

Classic - The one with the Old Machine - MacKenzie Carullo

   The word classic can be interpreted into many different ideas for every person. For me growing up meant hardwork, your hands would have blisters, your body covered in sweat and you would be exhausted. But after word the family would come together look at the hard work they put in and be proud of a job well done.         
  When I think of today it is full of technology that gets the job done faster, cheaper and with less quality. This generations wants what they want  five seconds earlier than the idea. This piece of machinery brought me back to a time when the pace of life was slower. Hard work was honorable and respected. There was not many distractions from family, friends and real life. This is classic to me because it symbolizes a time when families work together to gather their crops for themselves and for sale. It brought the family together in good times and bad.

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