Saturday, December 4, 2010

Light: Sharon Arnoldi

 Without light there is darkness.  Our lives are driven by light and as a photographer its our job to capture it.  I have been on a new kick lately for shadows.  I think that shadows are fun and as a little girl (really little!) I used to think of my shadow as my best friend. We were attached at the toes and would go everywhere together.  Its interesting how shadows can help transform an everyday parking garage into something amazing.  I just love how the shadows repeat the lines in the roof of the garage.


  1. OO this is so cool! Love the low DOF and colors! And ofcourse the light is beautiful as well.

  2. This image makes me stop and really look at it. I love all of the negative space and the warm colors throughout! Beautiful.

  3. Very interesting, I really like how the people are the only thing in focus. . was that done in photoshop?