Monday, December 6, 2010

Light: Jeff Sipes

When I think of light I think of an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photograph.  These are photos that are able to have every part of the zone system in the photograph.  The zone system goes from total black to paper white and is what photographers use to decide which aperture and shutter speed they should use to take their photo.
    You might be asking how you make these photos.  All you do is bracket 3-5 photos of the same exact photograph.  One light, one normal, one dark, and you can do two others if you'd like to.  The best software to use is Photomatix to make the HDR image.
   Light is everywhere and you can't get away from it.  It lightens up our days and we are surrounded by it at night.  We use it without worry and know that we can't get away from it.  Photographers can use light to their advantages in more ways than any person can possibly think of.  From lighting an apple in the studio to lighting a whole set out on the street, would you know how to light the most simple objects?

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