Monday, October 8, 2012

Macro: Kevin Reeve

Macro shot of chickenfoot and Japanese blade. ©Kevin Reeve

To kick off the quarter, I thought it would be great to shake things up. I have been thinking recently about the ever-increasing disconnect we Americans have with our food. We often shudder to think about where the meat on our plates actually comes from. In many societies feet, organs, and other “undesirable” cuts are the norm, it is simply too expensive to eat Western-style cuts of meat, yet these peasant foods often form the spirit of the larger culinary culture. 

It is important to remember that a strong agrarian ethos was one of the key factors in building America. As a nation, we have largely turned our backs on local, small-scale farmers. Next time you’re faced with the decision of purchasing sustenance, have a quick think about what you’re leaving in the wake of your shopping cart, and what’s actually for dinner.

That, and it's just a really super-creepy shot...


  1. This really is creepy, but I am so glad to be able to clearly see the intricate Japanese symbols on the blade. I appreciate the eery blue light that is falling on the chicken foot.

  2. This is beautiful! The perfect placement of the decapitated foot, The warm and cold tones that are exquisite together all and all this is a fascinating piece. I toe-tally love this good job Kevin.

  3. I throughly enjoy your creepy ideas, as this is beautifully executed. Please do accessorize that precious chicken foot and do a whole series. Throw a Marc Jacobs watch on that little wrist and you've Americanized it.

  4. Great for the season!!! Good and creepy!!