Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Macro: Christi Bode

Coney Island Hot Dog Stand - Tiny Town, Morrison, CO
Coney Island Hot Dog Stand - Bailey, CO

I needed a temporary escape this weekend, so in Christi-esque fashion I hopped in my car and started driving,  In hopes of seeing the last peak of Colorado's fall colors, I turn the car south on Rt. 285 towards Conifer.  As I drove up the steep incline past Indian Hills, I pondered the meaning of life to the haunting melodies of Sigur Ros and Imogen Heap.

It was then I saw a sign for Tiny Town.  I veered the car left onto South Turkey Creek Road,  As I came around the bend and into the clearing of this enchanted playground full of miniture buildings (railroad included),  seeing that dreaded CLOSED sign gave me flashbacks of the Griswold family pulling into Wally World.  I settled for taking the first image through the fence.

Coney Island, a 1950s diner shaped like a giant hot dog (toppings included) and one of Colorado's greatest examples of roadside architecture, happens to be one of the small replicas at Tiny Town.  The actual diner is located in Bailey, Colorado, roughly 20 miles south of Tiny Town's location.  Did you know the bun is 35 feet long, the hot dog 42 feet, with the building weighing 18 tons?  <Insert immature hot dog comment here>

-- Christi B.
Christi Bode Photography

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