Sunday, August 7, 2011

Motion: Myles Hessling

My original idea was to shoot in my car and then add some motion blur later on in photoshop. I pursued this idea for many minutes before becoming irritated at its contrived and boring nature. So, I decided to return to home base, and plan my next move. As I was driving through the traffic, I decided to take my camera off the tripod and shoot people in their cars. There was a woman picking her nose and a guy putting on chapstick. This was amusing, but not my intent for the day. Then, as I came to rest at a stoplight, I saw the streets before me clear out of cars, people, and bikes. I was thinking about how rare it is to see a cease of motion in downtown during rush hours. Finally the shot came back together as a single figure decided to cross alone, catching him in between his stride, moving alone through the concrete jungle.

1 comment:

  1. "shoot people in their cars"..... might want to rephrase that a bit, ya?
    I think it's funny, but only from a twisted perspective.
    I wonder if you cropped the lower portion up to that first cross line, if it would give more focus to the figure and the gorgeous skyline...just sayin'.