Monday, August 8, 2011

Motion: Danielle Mondragon

The city never sleeps. When you live in a city like Denver you know that you will never be the only car on I-25 or I-70. Ever. You will never be the only person walking down the 16th street mall. Life is a journey with a million destination points along the way and just as many connections or in some cases misconnections. I chose to shoot the city in motion in the evening. The streaks of cars on Speer Boulevard and I-25 could be carrying a businessman coming home to his family from a trip abroad. It could be the young couple just finishing up a nice dinner at one of Denver’s restaurants or it could be the twenty somethings on their way to the bar with the excitement of the possibility of making a personal connection. The motion of the continual arrivals and departures that weave our individual stories and connect us all.

Danielle Mondragon

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