Monday, August 8, 2011

Motion: Geoff Ridenour

What are these people doing? This was my first thought as I approached the 2011 Colorado Portuguese Water Dog Trials Saturday morning. It was my job to document the event as it unfolded over two days in Chatfield State Park. The beach, now a tent city was the staging grounds for the competitors. With over fifty dogs, owners and trainers all anxiously waiting for their turn in the spotlight. While there were four levels of dogs competing this weekend it was the working class that stole the show. The photograph above is of Saturday’s winner working dog Hook with owner and trainer Janet Creek. I had asked the organizers and competitors what they were looking for in the photographs I would be taking and almost everyone responded with "get the jump shots and you'll be fine...". Over the course of the morning, as lighting conditions changed I had one simple goal, to keep my shutter speeds fast enough to freeze the motion of the dogs as they launched from the boats.

Geoff Ridenour

Colorado Based Commercial, Documentary Travel and Fine Art Photographer

Archival Fine Art Prints Available on Request.

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