Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Distortion: Andrew Pusbach

Distortion is the twisting, changing, or alteration of a shape, truth, or condition.  
Eliminating the subject’s environment from the composition, viewing it from a unique angle, or employing selective focus, removes its context. This allows the viewer to free his imagination to see the subject in a more creative and abstract way.
When a photograph is created, the composition, timing, and inclusion of specific elements, is all subject to the photographer’s personal vision. This can be interpreted as distortion, due to the fact that the photographer’s personal vision dictates what is conveyed to the viewer.
For this particular image, I photographed an old and dilapidated train car in Victor, Colorado. I found the subject to be interesting, but a compelling composition was evading me. As I studied the car I noticed some peeling paint on one of the walls, and realized that I found my subject.


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