Monday, August 6, 2012

Movement: Scott Kotelnicki

I believe it is the trail that leads to the shot that gives life and movement.      

That is my philosophical thought for the day.

Now how did I get the shot? When I found this spot I did some test shots for composition but know the sun was to high by this time and I would have to return early the next day to get that wonderful morning glow. For the composition shots I moved around and even got in the water to see different points of view. That ended day one.

Day two I was on site by 5:45 with a sunrise due at 6:00.

Once on site I cleans some of the scene from dead branches. I also thought the scene was lacking color so I added the green branches down on the lower left for foreground.

Some will disagree with any altering of the scene. 

Sorry but I took my chances at offending you folk.

I used a tripod and viewed my shot through "Live View" on the back of my camera.  I used a wide angle lens, 10-17 with a polarizer filter. The filter allowed me to shoot into the pool to reveal the texture of the sandy bottom.
My Len was on manual focus and my camera on manual so I could control the look of the water.
I shoot at f/22 @ 30 sec. with an ISO of 160.  In post production I did the usual dodge and burn, saturation and here I have added a white vignette  to keep your eyes from falling off the page which I felt was happening.

There is it folks my blog on movement.

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