Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Old school - Past meets present

In order for us to have a brighter future we need to know our past. When we look at a old clock we don't look deep into the meaning. We just see it as a old clock that just stopped working. But what was happening when that time stopped? What event took place to where that clock stopped working? That gives us an incentive to do our research and try to learn about why the clock just stopped working.  This picture was taken at the gate rubber company.

The place was shut down due to countless accidents on the clock from what a former employer told me. He had descriptions of so many lacerations and medical reports that were filed during the time of business. It got so bad to where they had a hospital right across the street from the actual plant. Like i said before with a picture comes a story and with a story comes a picture. You just have to piece the two together to make  the reader see what you see.
Read More about the history of the company here -> History  

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