Monday, April 9, 2012

Old School: Justin Stapp

"Old school" a term always changing and evolving just like our daily lives. What might be old school to me could mean something completely different to you, but the fact remains that whatever I think or you think of to be awesome and new now eventually will be "old school" for someone else.  It's hard to wrap my mind around things like an iPad being in the hands of a kindergartener, maybe it is because I think of my experiences as a child that age and that an iPad would probably never have interested me because I was too busy playing with legos or action figures, or maybe it is because I still think of an iPad as an incredibly advanced piece of technology...or maybe even more basic-the freakin' price tag? Whatever the reasons I can't help but start to feel old, and it makes me ask the question: as technology keeps advancing faster and faster how can someone keep up with it and how quickly do things become "old school" in today's society? In a place where society is changing at a rapid pace and it's only limitations are imagination as it would seem, where do we go next? How long before tomorrow's technology is "old school"?

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