Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fusion: Annie Bade

As part of my studies in the art/science of mediation, I explored the ancient symbol of Vesica Piscis, which comes to mind as I entertain the concept of fusion.

When two distinct entities come together, even in opposition, and offer to share parts of themselves in union, a third or unique entity is evolved into being. I believe this to be the very essence of successful mediation. Likewise, when two parties who hold different beliefs, goals or realities come together and give space for their differences to “fuse”, the polarity is diminished and a new reality of unity can be attained. I am imagining how useful this concept might be to Congress about now.

I specifically chose these colors when creating this photo in order to represent the dualistic nature of our left-wing, blue Democratic views and the right-wing, red Republican views. Interesting that purple, the color created when fusing red and blue, is associated with higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

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