Monday, February 28, 2011

Rich: Ariel Elich

We are the head of this world, the Kings of the living, rich with knowledge to the point that we have become stupid. We rule here and yet we do it in a way that any smart King from the past would know is a Kingdom headed for disaster. We even know that we are headed for disaster but do nothing or little to change our course as a human race. Why are there so many of us who are blinded by greed, blinded my money and blinded by power? Why can't they see that they are going to ruin themselves and everyone else with them? Who do I talk about? The Oil Lords of the 21st century. Why are we investing all we have on a dieing resource? Because if they were to explore other options they would be forced to split up their Kingdom and loose some of their riches. But the saddest part in all of this? They will never know what true richness is, what it feels like to be the wealthiest person alive, because true wealth and true power doesn't come from oil or money or greed, it comes form love.

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