Monday, November 1, 2010

Death - Sharon Arnoldi

As you walk down the stairs from the deck into the yard, there is a great spot to plant a tree. However, we are on our third attempt at planting something there. It must be the spot of instant plant death. We tried watering, ignoring, fertilizing, soil testing and building it up so the nutrients don't run off. It seems like no matter what we try, nothing works. I took the scull out to the area of the backyard and photographed it in the spot where the dead plant is.

I actually shot this with my iphone, on purpose. My iphone gives takes a blurry image and the app I have for it makes it look very interesting. I really like taking photos with my iphone and the hipstamatic app.


  1. This photograph is very enjoyable. I like the look of the green. The skull is a little scary that makes this photograph work so well.

  2. I like the crop of this, the color is unique. As for the actual skull I wish the bottom of his head was more buried into the sand so it looks like he is coming out of the ground and not just placed there.