Monday, October 18, 2010

SEASONAL: Raydene Salinas

My favorite season is fall, not only because fall colors go best with my skin tone, but also because  these beautiful colors are constantly swirling around us in our environment. Fall is a season that can be appreciated in the city or out in the country. To me, fall represents movement and ethereal beauty. I associate this ethereal beauty with dance, ballet being the most delicate form. I have chosen to show the true beauty of fall by portraying this ballet dancer in the blur of her environment to make the colors of my favorite season come to life. I also feel that fall is the most real of all the seasons, showing us the gradual transformation from life through death and how beautiful that can be. I, too, have chosen to show my photograph in its most real form in hopes that you can see the ethereal beauty that I experience in the fall.

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