Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shadows: Christi Bode

Welcome to the dark side of Human Resources: drug testing.  It’s all fun and games until HR hands you a clear plastic cup. Go ahead and give us your excuses for smelling like Domestic Don Juan.

"I ate 3 dozen poppyseed bagels this morning."
"I washed my clothes in the latest eco-friendly laundry detergent."
"My friend pushed me into a big bush of pot."

As the number of medical marijauna users in Colorado is rising exponentially, this is leaving employers dazed and confused.  Generally, it has been presumed that employers can fire workers for using, medicinally or not.  Until the state law is settled, former employees are not protected constitutionally under federal guidelines and will most likely lose an unemployment claim. Please refer to page 8 of your Company Handbook.    


Corporate Christi

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