Monday, June 11, 2012

Beauty : Mariah Mata

       Beauty, it’s a complex word and holds meaning to so many things such as “wow she is a beauty” or “look at the 

beautiful sky tonight.” I believe there is beauty in all that you see, you just have to search for if it’s not as obvious as others. 

With these two images I decided to ask “Is this beauty or this?”  What do you think?

        In the society that we live in, I believe more people would be more attracted to the one where she has makeup on, 

because in our society we feel better with makeup on because it hides our flaws and insecurities.  Little girls grow up

thinking that makeup is necessary, but it’s not. I think makeup is to help enhance your beautiful traits not hide them. Show

off your unique self, because you were born that way. What have you got to loose? Be fearless and embrace true beauty.

       That’s why I think both images have beautiful traits, but I feel she is more comfortable in her skin and is full of self 

esteem with her au natural look.


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