Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Color: Mike Bogner

     Colors can express many, many things. Moods, holidays, pride for a team, etc. Blue would be with the feeling down, yellow means scared, grey and black with death. How did each of these colors become connected with that feeling?
     It turns out that there is a whole science and mystery to color theory. I stumbled across some articles after hearing that people with depression see a grayer world. A lot of this makes sense. When I lived in Buffalo, NY, during the winter months, depression in people seemed higher being trapped in doors due to the blizzards. The skies always seemed to be cloudy and grey. The people would seem less active and misserable. Maybe these elements would make us see an even more gray landscape. Much of my art back then would reflect this.
     Now a days I bask in the sun, playing in the sunny wonderful playground we call Colorado. It's very difficult to stay inactive here. Everything I see is so vibrant and alive. Looking back at photos I've captured just this summer, I notice I add a bit more saturation or vibrance to the colors, trying to convey how I saw the scene. The ability of understanding colors and how our eyes perceive it can be a powerful tool in a photographers tool chest. Many photographers in the past have utilized color to express a feeling that is intended for the audience to feel.

Moods and Color

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