Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jacques Badon: Beauty

Sometimes, when living in a city like this, it's easy for a person like me to get caught up in the bullshit.  Sometimes, things get so messed up and crazy, I almost forget who I am, or what the hell it is I'm really doing here.  When your chips are down, and you stop feeling passionate about what you're doing, its easy to sit back and just forget that the world keeps on spinning, around and round.  It's sad to think how easy it can be to just sit there and forget about all the beautiful things that are out there that used to inspire you.  I've had that feeling many times throughout my life, but I've always been lucky, because no matter what happens, or how bad things get,  there's always this one last beautiful thought that passes through my mind: "Get your ass to the river!!!" 

Everyone has a place in their life that will always be theirs to return to...  It doesn't really matter where or what it is.  Since I was born, I've lived on or near the river, and it will always be my life source.  There is more beauty in the river that I could ever hope for or imagine than anywhere else.  On the river there is so much time for thought, or words... and so much time to listen, or time to be heard.  I've learned a lot about life from the river.  Sometimes I live and work on the river when I guide during the summer, and the river is always boss.  Sometimes the river is a beast and bitter, and can sink it's teeth in deep.  I can't tell you how many times I've almost died on the river.  Hell, I almost drowned last week.  But I can say that it was always in a kayak, doing something foolish / fun???  Yet, no matter how close I've ever come to piping off on the river, nothing's ever made me feel more alive.  One of the things that I think is most beautiful about the river is that there is so much time for everything.  There's so much time for living, and yet so much time for dying.  Personally, I think death by river would be a beautiful way to go, however.  The beauty of a river can also wake you up from the dead.

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