Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FIRST: David C. Benson/Windey Volk

“Look at me!”  No, really, “look at me?”  Do I really care what the “f*#k you think of my hair color? 

In my opinion, the measure of a person’s character and/or individuality is their ability is to go against the conventional norms that society places upon all of us.  As an art student, we are asked to push the boundaries and explore the unknown.  We cannot do that if we are afraid!

Jazzmin Windy Volk is not afraid to question authority or go beyond the ropes.  Yet, with all exploration is the understanding that going some places without is guide is not advisable and picking your spots is what leads you to the Promised Land.

Jazz as she in known by her friends, leads by example and extends a hand for those who are timid or unsure.   A description of Jazz on her website states:  Jazzmin Windey is a free spirited yet focused photographer with a hunger for cake on a bad day. A very outgoing personality, she would talk to a brick wall if it would only talk backDo you disagree?

Going blond for the first time is adventuresome and most of all fun!  If I had any additional hair I would join her!  

Check her out; you will be happy you did!


Photography:  Jazzmin Windey Volk, Writing:  David C.Benson


  1. WOW... Love the look...the clarity...the hair!

  2. I love it. It's all Jazz, you did a wonderful job expressing that.