Monday, May 9, 2011

Hunter Baar-Sterotype

The game of golf is played by taking a club and swinging it at a little ball that is on the ground, the object is to get this ball into a hole hundreds of yards away passing by trees, lakes, sand, hills, and squirrels. It brings much joy to people when they crisply hit the ball to where they want. There is a lot of room for error when playing golf as one can see, the most often remedy for anger is to nicely return your clubs to where they came from the forest, they prefer getting there fast and through the air. Dressing is also a big part of the tridition of golf, dress pants, a collared shirt and golf shoes are required when you play a round. Sean McMechen says that if you catch him playing a round wearing those goofy dress pants ever on the golf course he hopes some one kills him.
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