Monday, April 18, 2011

Movement - Devan Dennis

Water can put out fire, carve through wood, and when trapped creates a new path - a current never hindered completely, surrounding all that lay before it. Despite the quiet stillness that can be associated with water, movement is a constant - the tiniest ripple, or the motions of the life below. The raw power that can embody the natural flow of the water grows from the quiet, soft motions of the water streaming through its' peaceful world on a uniquely chosen journey.


  1. I always like when the flow of water is a long enough exposure that it more or less looks like fog. I believe that I would like to see the 1st one or second one alone larger instead of the 3 smaller. Also, just curious what kind of toning was done.

  2. I love how soft the water is. However, not so sure about the green tint. I feel that b & w might have been a better choice, but just my opinion!