Monday, October 25, 2010

TECHNOLOGY: Raydene Salinas

Technology. We are surrounded by it in our lives everyday. In the last 10 years we have moved more and more into a technological age. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the knowledge we need to have of a vast number of technological devices. This shot portrays this as the cords that are wrapped around the model's body. I'm sure within the next few years there will be less use for cords, but we will still feel bound by our need for technology. Try as we may, there is no escape. Technology.

Credits: Model: Anna Messinger MUA: Kelly


  1. Love the colors that you used and how you incorporated them in the makeup as well. I also love how you have her almost strangling herself with all the cords. It shows how technology is so overwhelming!

  2. I love the leading lines with this image. The colors really pop. Her eyes and eyebrows have the same color, and that really makes me connect to her. The make up is odd, but its unique.