Monday, September 13, 2010

The A-Team Scavenger Hunt

(Josh Chavez)

(Mike Maez)

The A-Team worked this thing. Using mobile texting, email, Facebook, and Flickr the goal was to find and photograph concepts within downtown Denver, relay them back to headquarters, and get them posted before the other two teams.

With a slightly slow start, A-Team pulled ahead and nailed each clue using our unique brand of creativity and loose interpretation. Hell, we’d do anything to get the next clue. And get them we did, finishing first with all clues in the can.

The scouting team worked with the base operator like a well oiled machine, minimizing dead times and search times. Honestly, there was not a single major hang up. The A-Team proved that the system in place was a good one as far as operations.

Our biggest challenge was the turn-around time at the base station, that being a combination of email upload time, email download time, and turn-around time to post on Facebook. We all agree that a more direct approach, where images are uploaded from the field directly to the viewing venue, would be more productive and competitive.

Overall, and ignoring massive video advantages by other teams, the A-Team pushed the most image data for the most non-video related points. We feel that this puts us in the lead because we’re photographers, after all. So, we win.

Go A-Team.

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